MERCACARN, the best meats.

At present this company is directed by the second generation of the family, in some modern installations after keeping a constant growth during the last years.

We have a wide experience like wholesaler of meat, experience that joined to our meat variety offer turns us into one of the main companies of the sector. An important step was gived in 2017, with the creation and set up of a new line of business.


The setting of some modern installations with 4.000m2, endowed with the last technology for the preparation, freezing and storage of frozen Meat, they mark a before and an afterwards in the company. With a capacity of production of 4 million kilos, opens a new horizon of growth and expansion.

In the actuality we are working the national market with a coverage of practically 60% of the territory.

In 2018 the strategic plan of intentionalization was launched. To give support to this growth, Mercacarn has some professional human resources in all his departments in a total of 51 people.


Quality, freshness and flavour. Those are the signals of identity of the products that distribute in Merca-Carn and the reason by which increasingly customers trust we to resupply his businesses.


The department of quality positions like a pillar inside the company. The team of technicians and veterinary ensures that all our productive process fulfil with the rules and the requirements dictated by the direction.